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About the Conference

The Nigeria Hydrocarbon Measurement Conference (NiHMEC) is a platform where stakeholders in Nigeria's petroleum industry, as well as those from around the world, gather to share knowledge and developments in hydrocarbon measurement and production accounting.

We invite industry experts to join us at the 4th Nigeria Hydrocarbon Measurement Conference (NiHMEC) 2024 to share their knowledge and experience. Building on the success of our 2023 event, NiHMEC 2024 aims to further drive conversations on technological advancements and best practices in hydrocarbon measurement and production accounting across the entire hydrocarbon value chain.

NiHMEC 2024 emphasizes multidisciplinary collaboration, especially highlighting the interplay between technical, legal, and commercial aspects of hydrocarbon measurement and accounting. The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) encourages contributions not only from technical experts but also from legal and commercial professionals to enrich our discussions.

Conference thematic areas

NiHMEC 2024 will concentrate on the following thematic areas:

  1. Upstream production measurement and fiscal metering.
  2. Measurement for sustainable oil field operations and environmental stewardship.
  3. Enhancing transparency and efficiency in hydrocarbon accounting.
  4. Loss reduction in natural gas and petroleum downstream operations.

Abstract guidelines

Format of delivery

Authors would be allowed 20 minutes to present their paper, and questions would be taken during the discussion of the typical issues in which the speakers would participate.

Key dates

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