About NiHMEC

NiHMEC is an annual strategic event that has captured the attention and interest of stakeholders in Nigeria’s petroleum industry, both domestically and internationally. This event serves as a crucial gathering for industry professionals worldwide, focusing on discussions and sharing knowledge about accurate hydrocarbon measurement and accounting, which are essential for the industry. The conference is organized by Fleissen & Company, an energy infrastructure advisor and supplier. The discussions at NiHMEC are decided by its Technical Advisory Committee, comprised of renowned industry experts, with Mr. Osten Olorunsola serving as the Chairman.

Since its inaugural session on February 2, 2021, NiHMEC has become a significant platform known for the quality of its discussions and insights into key issues. Accurate hydrocarbon measurement and accounting are vital for the business performance of oil and gas companies, as well as for national governments in hydrocarbon-producing regions. For instance, Nigeria's export revenue heavily depends on the quantified amount of oil and gas exported, which forms the basis for revenue calculations for both producers and the government.

Hydrocarbon measurement continually presents new challenges and offers opportunities for sharing fresh knowledge, experiences, and insights. NiHMEC provides an ideal platform in Nigeria for these valuable exchanges, which directly impact the revenues of both government and industry operators.

The theme for NiHMEC 2024 (NiHMEC 4) is "Advancing Efficiency in Hydrocarbon Measurement and Accounting." This three-day event will take place in Lagos, starting with a pre-conference Hydrocarbon Measurement School (HMS) on October 8, 2024, where industry experts will conduct short courses. The main conference is scheduled for October 9-10, 2024.

We invite you to join us at NiHMEC 2024 to engage in discussions about achieving accurate measurement and accounting of oil and gas flows across the entire hydrocarbon value chain.

We eagerly anticipate your presence at NiHMEC 2024!